We are extremely proud of our gutter covers. They come with workmanship and performance guarantee that assures results. Our gutter guards withstand winds of over 100 mph. They are extremely strong and don’t break down from the pressure of debris, ice, snow or animals. Our covers allow roof grit, dust, and pollen dust to freely flow through cover and evacuate naturally. This keeps the cover from plugging on top like some of the micro mesh screen products available today.

Our covers can be installed on all roofing types (shingle, metal, wood shake, tile, …).

Gutter Covers Keep Out:

  • Leaves of all varietiesgutter covers in Portland
  • Oak Tassels and Lichens
  • Moss Clumps
  • Limbs
  • Seeds
  • Pine & Fir Needles
  • Fir Buds and Pine cones
  • Birds, Squirrels, Bees, Wasps, etc.
  • Mosquitoes (can’t lay eggs)

Our covers will protect your gutters, fascia and soffits, wood, siding, doors, windows, landscaping and drain fields. You can also forget gutter cleaning in the future. Gutter covers consequently prevent damage to roofing from excessive foot and ladder traffic, unpleasant accidents (people falling off ladders) and so on.

Usage of gutter covers also prevents mold and mildew growth as well as floods in basements (because of clogged gutters).

Would you like to get more information about gutter covers? Call us today at (503) 421-7517 and talk to gutter experts about your situation. Most jobs are completed same day.